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**If you are NOT already listed on this website, please contact Tamar Stone at  We require at least one letter of recommendation. Please have one or more Voice Dialogue teacher - or other professional mentor - email us a recommendation at (no client testimonials please). This is a confidential recommendation only and will not be publicly displayed. We will not process your application until at least one of these letters is received. At that time, we will notify you- and our Webmaster - of your approval and you may fill out the following form and submit it.

We expect the centers that list themselves here will maintain a psycho-spiritual approach to consciousness - as contrasted to one that is a purely spiritual or purely psychological. We also expect that their approach will be based upon the Psychology of the Aware Ego (also known as Voice Dialogue, Relationship, and the Psychology of Selves). For us, the use of Voice Dialogue without the accompanying commitment to the development of an Aware Ego process is incomplete.

 Some people will naturally develop their own terminology for the Aware Ego Process as well as for The Psychology of Selves but it is the underlying understanding - and appreciation - of this process that is of utmost importance.

Only include information that you would like to appear in your directory listing. Fields left blank will not appear.

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